Thanks to our partner Plenitude + Be Charge, Thanks to our partner Plenitude + Be Charge, Elettrica Wave assists marina ports in the development of infrastructures dedicated to the recharging of pleasure boats and electric cars, major environmental and technological trends underway. As is known, in 2035 endothermic engine cars will no longer be built, and even if there is still no certain date for boating, the new pleasure boats will also be electrified.

It is also possible to innovate your Port or Marina, perhaps in an already blue flag area or in the vicinity of a protected marine area, by installing rapid charging stations, since they will help the number of electric vehicles in the installation area, thus allowing to limit the polluting emissions of the area, and making the air and the sea healthier, to the benefit of citizens and tourists.

Speaking of nautical electrification, although it is true that an electrical connection to the ground is normally available and normally sufficient to recharge an electric boat, when dealing with high-power motors and large-capacity batteries, it can be very
helpful to have the ability to quickly recharge your vessel.
Consider, for example, electric boats that carry out tourist activities
passenger transport, and who have the possibility of stopping at times even for just an hour between one transport and another: in addition to the fact that a navigation
electricity would probably attract more tourists than a traditional navigation, and a higher compensation could be asked for the type of experience provided, in these cases a high-power fast recharge would help to increase the frequency of trips and allow to optimize the capacity of the batteries installed at edge, with further economic advantage

Ports and Marinas can take advantage of the know-how and experience of Elettrica Wave for information regarding the electrical charging infrastructure both on land and at sea.