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SIPABOARDS Electric SUPs are designed to offer an enhanced 360 degree SUP experience With an integrated Paddle Assist module, you’ll paddle faster, go further and arrive and return safer, and with the integrated electric light, you’ll be able to navigate at night illuminating the sea bed and remaining visible to boats!

A new sensation to try.

With an autonomy that can reach up to 3 hours and push you to about 3 knots in the water they can be the right companion to explore greater distances in safety. SIPABOARDS Electric SUPs are also self-inflating, and thanks to the integrated motor pump you will be able to concentrate all your energies in the pleasure of exploring and sailing.


LIFT FOIL products are the electric foiling boards par excellence.

The careful engineering of the product has led to a manageable and easy to use board, with a fully integrated battery and electronic components, while the powerful and silent electric motor is located in the foil shaft, which will allow you to make the board fly for several miles with a range of up to 2 hours!

The board is driven by a waterproof wireless controller that will allow you to control the speed of the board and the fun. The combinations of board (dimensions, shape) and foil (type of wings) allow the product to be adapted to all levels and weights of the rider for this, from the beginner to the expert, from 50Kg up to over 100Kg everyone can find the right combination of board and foil.


Tender and small boats can be easily electrified with innovative outboard electric motors, equipped with integrated or external batteries based on the needs of autonomy, practicality and cost that each user wants to have.

Sailing with an electric tender can be perfect if you don’t want to have the trouble of carrying petrol and related bad smells with you, or if you want to sail in total silence to fish or to enjoy the beauty of an isolated bay in total symbiosis with nature and freedom.