Ports and Marinas can become increasingly greener by preparing
shelters and photovoltaic roofs useful for producing your own Energy electricity,
to then be put at the service of one’s own consumption, of cars
of the boats of its members and visitors. Elettrica Wave,
thanks to the experience and know-how of its highly
specialized in the energy sector, he collaborates with the main players
of sector and always finds the ideal solution. By matching the production from
solar energy on land, with that in water, the sustainability of
navigation appears more and more obvious, increasing the sensitivity environment
of those who frequent and love the sea,
with a view to fighting to climate change, sustainability and innovation. We like it
imagine a future of solar ports, which power boats
electric, reducing the impact of navigation by 100%.
on the environment, in terms of air and water pollution
noise and smell. Start with Elettrica Wave today to think about boating
of the future

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