Sailing with a boat powered by electric propulsion is an experience that changes the way of going to sea: both for outboard and inboard boats, electric navigation guarantees the absence of noise, the absence of exhaust gases and vibrations and, last but not least, the absence of sea.

Autonomy, power and space are not a problem: each solution will be tailored to the owner’s needs, and considering the considerable conversion efficiency of a marine electric motor, generally the power to be installed on board is significantly lower than the thermal already installed. Normally the
required power will be 30% to 50% lower than a similar heat engine, and in addition to the advantage in terms of consumption, the consequent power reduction
conversion can sometimes allow the same boat to be brought below the power limits required for a boat licence, a further factor to be absolutely taken into consideration!

Sailing 100% electric will also allow you to be respectful of the environment even in natural parks and protected marine areas.

Converting your boat not only means improving the experience at sea but also enhancing and updating a hull, increasing its value and extending its life cycle, since buying a new boat is not always the right solution to have a more reliable, more sustainable means and cheaper to manage!
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