If you want to convert a PLANING or SEMI-PLANING boat to electric while maintaining similar performance in terms of power, speed and range,, the budget factors available, spaces on board and additional weight are decisive, and generally the most easily convertible boats are those equipped at the start of thermal engines with total power lower than 200kW (about 260 HP) and a good space available for the batteries.

In tutti gli altri casi, e generalmente per potenze superiori ai 50kW (circa 65CV), in attesa di grandi avanzamenti tecnologici delle batterie in termini di densità di potenza e peso, la migliore soluzione da valutare per barche plananti e semiplananti è la trasformazione in IBRIDO PARALLELO (IP). In this case, an additional electric motor, with less power, can be added to the existing heat engine, which normally works when the boat is sailing in displacement, for example in ports, bays or marine protected areas. This type of application allows not to influence the performance and navigation practicality of a planing or semi-planing boat with internal combustion engines, combining the advantages of electric navigation in displacement such as silence, absence of vibrations and sustainability.

To verify the feasibility of an IP system on a boat, it is first necessary to understand if it is possible to move the engine forward to make room for the electric motor to be mounted between the internal combustion engine and the transmission.

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