To increase the autonomy of an electric boat, in addition to increasing the capacity of the batteries dedicated to marine propulsion, it is possible to install range extension systems, which transform an electric boat into a hybrid. The hybridization of a boat can generally be of the Series Hybrid (IS) type, if a generator that uses the existing diesel/petrol tank recharges the batteries of the boat when it is stationary or underway, while we speak of a Parallel Hybrid system (IP) when the heat engine and the electric motor are mechanically connected, and can alternatively or jointly contribute power to navigation. IS systems are generally used for low powers, up to 50kW, while IP systems are generally used for higher powers, over 50kW. In specific cases, or with limited space availability, or with limited need for Full Electric navigation, the IP system can be an optimal solution.

In general, to increase the autonomy and environmental and economic sustainability of navigation, a boat can be equipped with:

  • AUXILIARY GENERATOR which allows you to cover long distances without having to install too many batteries on board, generally using the existing tank.
  • PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS on awnings, on deck, removable or fixed, flexible, rigid or double-sided, the photovoltaic modules continuously recharge the power batteries
  • SAILING HYDROGENERATION which allows in the case of sailing to recover energy during navigation

in an IP system, the existing heat engine is generally used to recharge the batteries, even if an auxiliary generator or photovoltaic panels can be installed for recharging the batteries intended for propulsion or auxiliary services


The marine electric generators used by Elettrica Wave are designed to work silently for a long time and to produce electricity with high efficiency, higher than that of normal heat engines, and therefore useful for continuously recharging the main batteries serving the electric motor . In some applications it is then possible to manage the activation of the generator remotely, in order to program the recharging of the on-board batteries, and to have the boat always ready for use with the maximum possible autonomy, even in the absence of the electrical infrastructure on land .

Depending on the owner’s navigation needs, such as the expected average daily distance, the required recharging times, as well as the hours of navigation in Full Electric, Elettrica Wave will offer a tailor-made technological solution, to exactly meet the needs of even the most demanding owners

In addition to high sustainability, the costs of using a hybrid boat are generally much lower than those of a traditional internal combustion propulsion. Depending on the configuration requested by the customer, Elettrica Wave will provide a general business plan which will allow for an estimate of the economic savings generated by this type of technological solution


Nothing better than photovoltaic panels to charge your electric boat! In fact, photovoltaic modules generate clean and renewable energy during all periods of rest and also during navigation, provided clearly that there is solar radiation. Elettrica Wave following the vision of the boat to be electrified will provide an indication of all the possible surfaces to be used, in order to maximize the renewable energy production on board, and increase the navigation autonomy. Generally a 100Wp of photovoltaic installed in a horizontal surface can generate up to 150kWh per year, precious free electricity for your boat.

Elettrica Wave also offers remote boat recharging management solutions, to facilitate solar recharging and to activate the recharging infrastructure from the ground or an auxiliary generator only when strictly necessary, reducing navigation costs by up to 100%!


In electric boats designed by Elettrica Wave, it is possible to replace the existing endothermic engine motorization in such a way
simple and kidnapped, and it is possible on request to equip the module
with an electric motor of hydrogenation, which allows for the recovery of a substantial quantity
of electricity while sailing, in case of a good wind. If also equipped with a propeller with angled blades
variable (recommended in this type of application), you can retrieve up
to over 1kW around 6-8 knots depending on the type of boat.

Hydrogeneration extends the autonomy of the boat,
Hydrogeneration extends the autonomy of the boat, and leaving the port, sailing and returning could have zero impact
on the environment, and also on your wallet! Sailors have pleasure in mind
to navigate in the silence pushed by the wind, and this pleasure will be double
considering that the energy accumulated by sailing will return more silence then
continuing with your own electric Saildrive in port or where necessary.